Distribution Channels


“We want to become a link in the supply chain of our customers, guaranteeing a permanent stock of products, with deliveries adapted to their needs.”

Naturval is currently among the leaders, as well as one of the most efficient and competitive companies in the Spanish honey sector, with an annual production capacity of 6,000 tons.


We attend the demands of the food industry as well as pharmaceuticals, dietetic and cosmetic laboratories, which use our honey, royal jelly, pollen and propolis as raw material or an ingredient in their manufacturing process. Naturval offers different delivery options depending on the needs of each customer. productos_a_granel_ES


These are the 6 concepts that summarize the corporate philosophy, which are Naturval’s criteria in the preparation and development of its entire range of products for the dietetic channel.

Why Naturval?


Elimination of intermediation costs.


Quality commitments and guarantees of Naturval


Work directly with a leader in its segment.


In the delivery of products


Linked to continued growth

Online Shoping

Easy to use online shopping tool

Naturval Express

Ensures deliveries within 72 hours *.

* Minimum order 90 €


This channel plays an important role in the commercial distribution of Naturval products as well as the brand name development due to the scope of consumers that use such stores. Naturval currently has such strategic distribution throughout the national territory and different areas abroad through different supermarket and hypermarket chains where the consumers are provided the full range of Naturval’s honeys.

In our integration with this model we focus on a policy of quality and service, which in a collaborative manner with the distributor, transmit to the consumer the experience to being able to perceive the product. It is this strategy that we work on a daily basis in order to convey to the consumer our passion for honey and the environment in which it is produced.


Our classic distribution is formed by a network of wholesalers who not only are responsible for distributing the product, but also the concept that surrounds it, based on quality, respect for the environment and conservation of the best and most natural taste of honey and derivatives.

The integration of wholesalers into our network starts with a flexible process of training and transmission of values, as they will now become part of our team and as members, their full dedication is required towards the honey and other products, which Naturval has promoted for so many years.

Naturval in Eco Health Madrid 2016

Naturval in Eco Health Madrid 2016

Naturval will be 22, 23 and 24 April at Expo Eco Health Madrid 2016, Exhibition of Health and Quality od Life, is the meeting point for all those interested in the natural and sustainable health care. Professionals and consumers come to Expo Eco Salud to find out the latest advances and news that the suppliers… Continue reading→